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Les Meraki is a brand which brings you the luxury of handcrafted designer Cashmere/Pashmina stoles. We are breaking traditions by creating chic and vogue designs on a fabric known around the world and appreciated for its finest fibre, warmth and softness. Our Cashmere/ Pashmina stoles are handcrafted in Himalayan region in India known for its legacy of craftsmanship.

The journey to a delicate cashmere scarf is long and takes its beginning in the hostile areas where the cashmere goats live. This wool comes from Changthangi or pashmina goat, a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitude of the Himalayas. The pashmina goat grows a unique, incredibly soft coat called pashm, which is six times finer than human hair, It is so fine that it cannot be spun by machine, so the cashmere fibres collected by hand on the ground and in the bushes are hand spun and woven into cashmere products. The diameter of the fibers is only 9 - 15 microns. These hand woven feather light stoles will keep you warm, cozy and chic during the harsh and brutal weather. 

We also do customised orders. You can get your stoles customised with any design or work of your choice.

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