PFW 2020 runway collection.

A refreshing feel through this pearl white stole with handcrafed citrus pattern prepared with yellow and green sequin. 

100% cashmere stole

Size 170 cm x 70 cm

Dry-clean only

Please note measurements can vary slightly due to our hand finishing processes.


SKU: 217537123517255
Color: White
  • Cashmere Stole is the ultimate in luxury accessories. Stylish, versatile and effortlessly chic, this piece adds style points to any outfit instantly. Our stoles are handcrafted with customized designs through superior craftmanship and delicate care.

    Woven from the finest of cashmere fibres, hand-combed from the under-belly of goats in Kashmir, Himalayan region of India, where the dramatic highs and lows in temperature help them to grow their beautiful fleece. The Cashmere Stole is appreciated around the world for its fine fibre, extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality, making it the perfect accessory for every occasion.

  • This item is made with a high quality fabric selected with the greatest care. We recommend a professional dry cleaning. This will enable you to enjoy the exceptional qualities of Les Meraki product.

    When you first wear your new Cashmere stole you may find small balls of fibre or 'pills' forming on the surface. These are not a fault or indication of inferior quality but are simply loose fibres tangling together where the garment has been rubbing. They can easily be removed by hand or with cashmere de-pilling comb.